Agrarian Harvest

The Klimes family started Agrarian Harvest with a mission to grow delicious, local, organic produce and meats. Beginning with local farmer's markets across the Magic Valley, Agrarian Harvest eventually grew to partner with M & M Heath Farms (a three-decade-old organic bean and potato farm) and offer even more delectable goodies through their various markets. John Klimes and Mike Heath were supporters of Neighborhood Nourishment from the start, and we could not have done it without them. Rooted in our loyalty to local farmers and our appreciation of fresh foods, we can testify to the superior quality and taste of all things certified organically grown through Agrarian Harvest. From organic smoked bacon to tasty, plump tomatoes and seasonal squash to pasture-raised poultry, you won't be disappointed with Agrarian Harvest's promise to superior quality & taste in all they produce!

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